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Amphibious motorhome for 1 million euros!

The Terra Wind is a luxury motorhome. But the latter has the particularity of being able to float on water! Note anyway that you have to spend nearly a million euros to afford this funny machine.

Extreme motorhomes capable of surveying all terrains, we have already seen some. But motorhomes like this never.

Indeed, this Terra Wind even ventures where hardly any car would dare put the wheels: in the water! It has the unusual ability of being able to transform into a kind of boat and can navigate in calm waters. Because if it is not forbidden to use it at sea, the company which builds this motorhome like no other… strongly recommends against it! Find the mistake…

Yacht-car ?

On the other hand, in practice, one can easily understand why. Despite everything, this 12.9 m-long juggernaut is not built like a real boat. To switch to “yacht” mode, you have to take the time to take out the side buoys before entering the water. This is when the magic happens. Once in this configuration, the Terra Wind can then reach a speed of 8 knots, or 14 km / h


There is even a jacuzzi!

There is good reason why we have used the term “yacht” before. Indeed, inside this mastodon, there is no shortage of luxurious accessories! All materials are exclusive: marble floor, leather upholstery, teak woodwork. The height of luxury, it even has a jacuzzi!

More than a million euros …

As you can probably imagine, all of these benefits are extremely inexpensive. Not at all … The starting price of a Terra Wind is set at € 715,000 to which you will have to add the desired options! The fully equipped copy that can be seen in the video below blithely exceeds one million euros.

But with the Terra Wind, it’s the insurance of an extraordinary vacation. On land and at sea!

Check out the video of this incredible motorhome below:

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