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cheapest on the market in 2021

What are the cheapest motorhomes on the market? With prices between € 39,000 and € 45,000, here is a small selection of vehicles at affordable prices.

What are the prices of camping-car the cheapest? The first prices of new are around 39 000 € for the profiles, € 45,000 for the capucines and 60 000 € for the integral. The profiles are therefore the cheapest vehicles in their category!

First price therefore less equipped

In general, the cheapest motorhomes tend to be of the compact profiles : in our top 5 least expensive vehicles, we therefore most often find models of less than 6 meters long.

If they are rather cheap for new motorhomes, it is also because the equipment on these models is less provided. Some characteristics are for example optional, in such a way that an inexpensive motorhome will often find a price equivalent to others once we have added the essential!

If this argument is valid for a conventional entry-level motorhome, it is not the case for more opulent vehicles. Between these and a motorhome for less than 40,000 €, the differences are at the level of the conception as well as at the level of finishes overall vehicle: solidity, aesthetics, perceived quality of materials, etc …

Carado V132 / Sunlight V60

To start this classification, there are two sister brands: Carado and Sunlight. Both models arrive at very identical prices: from 39 140 € for the Carado V132 and 39 290 € for the Sunlight V60.

Regarding the dimensions, the latter have fairly contained templates, almost the dimensions of vans: 5.95 m long and 2.14 m wide. Which makes them compact profiles. On board these vehicles of such a size, the layout is quite reasoned: the bed is transverse and there is a simple road-facing bench seat.

Etrusco V 5900 DB / 6600 SB

The entry level of the Etrusco brand is occupied by very compact motorhomes, with a profile 5.95 m long (for 2.14 m wide) with a transverse bed, sold from 41 890 €. A 6.65 m by 2.14 m wide profile, with twin beds is also available for a slightly higher price of 43 290 €.

Rimor Hygge 12 P / 66 Plus

On the home side Rimor, there is a range Fun offering very attractive prices.

the Hygge 12 P is the most economical profile of the brand. The latter is less than 7 meters long and has a French bed. It is sold from 41 990 €.

the Hygge 66 Plus, a bit more expensive, is on the other hand particularly interesting for its layout. It is a sectional with a central bed with a face-to-face living room offered at a price of 44 900 €.

On the engine side, both models have a Renault Master engine of 145 hp.

Giottiline Siena 322

Giottiline offers a range Siena interesting with two alcoves and two low profiles, all offered at attractive prices.

It’s the Giottiline Siena 322, with its 120 hp Citroën engine, which is the most economical in the range. Offered at a price of 43 990 €, it is a 5.99 m long profile which has a transverse bed.

Laika Kosmo Compact 5 et 9

The Italian manufacturer also has its place in this ranking, with two compact profiles 2.14 m wide which are offered below the € 45,000 mark.

We find in particular the Laika Kosmo Compact 5, a 5.95 m long section with a transverse bed. This is available from 43 990 € while the Compact 9 slightly longer with 6.65 m and twin beds, is sold from 44 990 €.

Both models have a 120 hp Fiat Ducato engine.

Itineo Nomad PF 600

To close this ranking of the cheapest motorhomes of 2021, we find the Itineo brand. Manufacturer who has a range of profiles at an attractive price.

We find in particular the Nomad PF 600, vehicle 7 meters long which is displayed at a price of 44 550 €. It is powered by a Citroën Jumper 2.2 l engine developing 140 hp.

Renowned for its family integrals, Itineo also has a range of economical profiles, including a Nomad PF 600 posted at 44 550 €.

Source: Le Monde du camping car

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