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he collides head-on with a broken down car!

This violent accident, to say the least, occurs on a fast track in England. But how could it have happened when all the elements were in place to avoid it?

It is true that during an accident, everything usually happens quite quickly. Difficult to properly understand the situation and react accordingly. Corn in this case, everything was in place so that the impact was avoided in time and without making matters worse. And it really would have been better if that was the case, because the shock that follows is quite violent.

No movement

Here we are in a vehicle on a “motorway”, the English motorway. In front of the car equipped with the dashcam, a previous generation Class A. So far, everything is normal.

But at a precise moment, everyone shifts to the left except for the Mercedes which stamps violently another vehicle. The latter has just had an accident himself, probably due to the wet road.. The most astonishing thing about this story is that the German woman had plenty of space and time to change lanes. Or even simply brake …


A violent accident!

Did this driver panic when he saw the Bentley or another vehicle in his retro? Or did he not realize that the car in front of him was stationary? Another explanation would be that he was distracted, looking at his phone for example … Still, he hits the poor car already damaged in the central rail.

Fortunately, it can be seen that the occupants of this last immobilized vehicle were no longer on board. Hopefully the driver of this Mercedes A-Class has also escaped unscathed.

Check out the video of this incredible accident below:

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