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Tesla Model 3 follows Volkswagen Golf in Europe

Is it a surprise or not? Either way, Tesla’s “low-cost” electric sedan – the Model 3 – is the second best-selling car in Europe since June!

In Europe, there is obviously a model that does not (really) know the crisis. The Tesla Model 3 continues its insolent rise in terms of sales.

The model ofElon Musk is number 1 in terms of sales of electric vehicles in Europe. The car is even ahead of the Renault Zoe, which until then remained the queen in the matter in terms of registrations. The end of life of the latter has also recently been recorded. by the French manufacturer.

Right behind the Volkswagen Golf

But the performance of the American does not stop there. Tesla’s Model 3 even ranked second in European sales in June, all categories combined, just behind the perennial German favorite: the Volkswagen Golf. This is what the press release from the market research company reports. JATO Dynamics.

According to them, the American electric has been delivered 25,697 times in Europe in June against 27,247 times for the Volkswagen Golf. Not so bad for an electric car which is therefore starting to seriously titillate an unbeatable thermal model like the Golf.

Moreover, the JATO report also highlights the boost to electric cars over the period. Of all new registrations at European level, 18% of them are electric. For information, they represented only 8% at the same time last year.

Tesla or deliveries at the end of each quarter

Also according to JATO Dynamics, the Model 3 has been registered 66,350 times in Europe during the first semester. That is an average of just over 11,000 per month.

This means that the electric car only occupied 25th place in Europe in the first half of the year, both thermal and electric models combined.

But the second place of the Model 3 in June is due to Tesla’s irregular delivery figures. Indeed, the manufacturer has a habit of making deliveries to European customers at the end of each quarter, not to mention a certain global pandemic which has put the brakes on the global economy. You will understand, this partly explains the excellent scores for the month of June.

Proof that electricity is indeed “plugged in”.

Source: JATO

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