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Unusual: Fiat Panda vs Tesla Model X, which is better in off-road?

What is the best all-terrain vehicle? The Tesla Model X or the Fiat Panda 4 × 4? A question that everyone asks themselves all day long … or not …

But still this is what the YouTube channel CarWow tried to find out by pitting the electric American of 417 hp against the little Italian of just 85 hp in a series of muddy events.

Not really in his element …

Let it be said right away, the Tesla Model X and its 2.5 tonnes were not at all designed for this kind of exercise. In fact, if her figure is significantly higher, she is not much taller than a Model S!

The Panda on the other hand is a real goat capable of making its way wherever you decide to take it. ! Admittedly, its engine is very small, but that makes it very light with less than 1.2 tons on the scale. An advantage on these steep terrain


This is a real SUV!

Unsurprisingly, it is the Panda who wins in all areas! Smaller and more agile, it especially manages to find more grip on this kind of surface where there is so little. And it’s always good to see the little Italian girl showing these big SUVs what it is to be a real sport utility! And it’s not every day that you can see such a big Tesla in an environment in which she is really not comfortable …

Check out the video of this all-terrain duel below:

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