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Can a diesel engine run on gasoline?

From the start, we know that the amount of modifications that will have to be made to this diesel unit is significant. But, at the end of the day, will that be enough to run it on gasoline?

Although both are combustion engines, these two blocks are quite different. Indeed, on a diesel engine, the combustion of fuel is not at all similar to that of a gasoline.. To fix this problem, unfortunately, you don’t just have to change a room or two. The motor must be completely disassembled!

A lot, a lot of work

After having cleaned everything well, the work of the Russian mechanics of Garage 54 can begin.. First, you have to plan the pistons a few millimeters. Then you have to add non-existent spark plugs on the diesel. To do this, it is the block itself which must be drilled again! After which, it is the turn of the air inlet to pass under the scalpel. You will understand that trying to run a diesel engine on gasoline is a

titan work !

He’s on fire!

But, after all these big changes, does it work? Well yes ! A little gas and a battery later, this engine starts the first time! On the other hand, it does not turn very well at idle, if not well at all … But when you apply the throttle and go up in the towers, all the components seem to harmonize. Moral of the story: Can a diesel engine run on gasoline? Yes, but not without a significant series of modifications …

Check out the video of this important transformation below:

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