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Private radar cars: the verbalizations begin!

The privatized radar cars are arriving in France after several test phases lasting many months! Beware of speeding on the roads …

Many of you fear them. A general feeling validated by our Auto Plus question from last week. Car radars, or even mobile-mobile radars remain, in fact, the type of radars that you fear the most.

If until now, private companies were not part of the verbalizations, it is now history. That’s it, from this month of August, you can be fined by privatized radar cars. And this is the region of New Aquitaine which opens the ball.

Vigilance on the roads!

Since last Sunday, these private radar cars have been circulating in France. The latter will be able to transmit to the Rennes National Treatment Center (CNT) the very first images of flashed conductors for a speeding ticket.

It is more precisely in the department of Haute-Vienne that the privatized radar cars have started to identify infringements. Vigilance therefore for drivers who tend to play too much with the right foot! Appeared at the end of February, the vehicles in question circulated for several weeks in order to map very precisely the speed limits of the routes they will travel.

Several other departments will also be able to start a verbalization phase from this month. In particular in dawn, the Bas-Rhin, the Charente, the Landes, the North or the Pas-de-Calais.

How does it work ?

All radar cars are driven by a driver who is employed by a private company. Very concretely, the latter follow routes programmed in advance and take roads without a central median.

As a reminder, these specific cars control both overtaking vehicles as well as those they pass, thanks to sensors in rear view and in front view. The speed measured by the radar is finally reduced by 10 km / h or 10% to obtain the selected speed.

Once the clichés of registered drivers, the images are sent directly to the Rennes National Treatment Center which will issue the notice of violation. The center can then send directly to the vehicle owner notice of contravention within ten days.

In short, if you value your license (but especially your life) take it easy.

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