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a Rolls-Royce Wraith broken down in the middle of traffic!

Mechanical problem or simply running out of gas? It is not known what could have caused the shutdown of this Rolls-Royce, but such a situation is quite embarrassing.

Already behind the wheel of an old car, in bad shape and on a road with little traffic, you don’t really look smart when you break down. So what about a Rolls-Royce Wraith immobilized in the middle of a crowded intersection in Mamaia, Romania? If the situation is funny for us, spectators, it must be much less for this “poor” driver..

Reliable, but voracious

Poor, in quotation marks, because if he could afford one of these jewels of majesty whose prices exceed € 300,000, it is because he is anything but poor! And he’s probably not unlucky either. Granted, old Rolls-Royces can be temperamental at times, but since the era BMW, no significant reliability problem to report. On the other hand, their appetite tends more towards the whale than the sparrow.


Recurrent use of the pump is compulsory

Rolls-Royce evaluates the combined consumption of this machine of almost 2.5 tonnes at 14 l / 100 km. In town, the English manufacturer expects rather 21 l / 100 km! Which is not very surprising when you have a 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12 under the hood, developing 632 hp and over 800 Nm of torque. However, Rolls-Royce has provided a large tank with a capacity of 83 liters to avoid this kind of situation. A tank that this owner should probably think about refilling more often.

Discover the video of this broken down Rolls-Royce below:

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