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“light” green lenses in the United States

While the tone is rising in Europe in the face of hard-to-reach CO2 emissions targets, the United States is much more relaxed …

The year 2021 is full of announcements of transitions to electricity and promises of an end to thermal. At least in Europe, where the electric car market is already well launched. This is less the case elsewhere in the world, and especially in the United States.

The American market remains in effect very traditional. The causes are multiple: large rural areas where the deployment of terminals is difficult, attachment to large vehicles such as pick-ups and SUVs, very low gasoline prices, the anti-ecological Trump presidency … Still, the US has fallen behind, even if manufacturers like Ford are starting to make a shift towards electric.

Objectives far from ambitious

To the point where a announcement of major American manufacturers can make you smile today. Ford, Stellantis (present with its brands Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Fiat and Alfa Romeo) and General Motors (Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, Buick) are now committed to own sales targets for 2030. But where many Europeans are announcing 100% electric for this date, the Americans are promise 40 to 50% …

Of cars electrified, therefore not necessarily electric!

By comparison, the European Union wants to ban the sale of combustion engines in 2035, and make it very difficult long before that. Especially with CO2 targets that are very difficult to maintain.

Builders forced into electricity by states?

But in detail, American manufacturers could be pushed towards an accelerated transition to electric. Indeed, states have the power to prohibit the sale of combustion vehicles in their territories, and three are already taking this path: California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. A problem that the other major American manufacturer, Tesla, will not have.

President Joe Biden is due to make an electric announcement in the next few days. To be continued !

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