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MAN replaces mirrors with cameras

At MAN, we innovate security service. The manufacturer can rely on digital systems instead of classic mirrors for its trucks. The idea is to reduce the number of cornering accidents with a new digital blind spot assistant.

An innovative digital mirror system

With this system, we find multiple cameras which are integrated into the design of the body, on both sides of the truck, instead of conventional exterior mirrors.

In the driver’s cab, the images filmed by these cameras are returned by means of two screens. These, you will understand, serve as traditional mirrors. They allow the driver to look back and to the sides with confidence.

Thanks to this system, the driver can not only see the field of vision which is prescribed by law but also have a panoramic view of his truck thanks to the wide-angle view.

With this system, driving is safer and more comfortable, without blind spot. Likewise, this system offers many other advantages. Often, visibility is impaired on conventional mirrors by heavy rain, dirt or mirror shaking. With these cameras, these problems are practically a thing of the past!

Finally, the system offers a final advantage: the less space occupied by these cameras compared to traditional mirrors. The aerodynamics of the vehicle are then improved, wind noise is reduced and fuel is also saved.

This system is also good news for cyclists and pedestrians. The latter, not very visible and inaudible compared to other users, are the most affected by heavy vehicle accidents due to blind spots. An unfortunately common phenomenon, especially in built-up areas.

In Germany, the ADFC cycling club, assert that turn assistants are “an important element for greater safety for cyclists”. Since January, ten cyclists have been killed by right-turning trucks in the country, with the ADFC counting between 30 and 40 each year, in addition to some 1,500 cyclists injured by turning trucks.

In France, the latest figures (ONSIR barometer of June 2021) show that mortality among cyclists is particularly high with almost double the number of deaths compared to June 2019. Pedestrian side, the finding is not especially more flattering with an increase compared to the pre-Covid crisis period. Thus, 37 pedestrians were killed in June 2021 (+4 compared to June 2019 and +8 than June 2020).

Obviously, from a practical point of view, we can understand the interest of these 2.0 mirrors. Especially when we know that pedestrians and cyclists, despite their vulnerability, often take risks with regard to their safety and are not aware of the concept of blind spots.

“The camera-monitor solution offers a better image than traditional mirrors. The camera can rotate at the same time as an articulated truck. In the conventional main mirror, the driver can only see his trailer at times when turning. However, cameras installed on trucks in place of mirrors do not replace an assistance system. »Explains an expert from the association.

Customers of MAN may purchase the optional OptiView mirror replacement for 2 450 euros.

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