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this GMC pickup sinks live on TV!

The day for the owner of this GMC Sierra takes a bad turn. A mishap captured live by an American television crew where thousands of people were able to realize it!

Going on live television is a small event. We try to mark the occasion by getting the attention of the camera, and sometimes an unexpected incident occurs. Bloopers of all kinds always broadcast a sequence dedicated to this kind of intervention. For sure, this scene will now be part of it. The owner of this GMC Sierra stood out in an unusual way …

A maneuver that does not go very well …

Live on television, a pick-up is maneuvering probably to get a boat out of the water. As the sequence progresses, he gradually disappears behind the journalist. We do not ask ourselves too many questions. But when the live ends, he turns around and sees the disaster. The driver of this GMC Sierra has ventured far too far into the lake and his car is starting to sink!

Not knowing what to do, the reporter quickly withdraws from the frame to let the cameraman film the scene. We can then see the pick-up sink fairly quickly to the bottom of the lake! The owner of this visibly almost new GMC Sierra will probably want to forget this day of July 29… We don’t prefer to know in what condition he will find his vehicle… which he probably bought recently for at least $ 67,000.

Check out the video of this unusual incident below:

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