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these police officers use drones to draw up reports!

In Poland, the police use an arsenal of drones to check traffic offenses… from the sky. This system has the advantage of being very discreet!

After fixed speed cameras, automatic speed cameras, devices hidden or embedded in cars, here are now the police drones. In Poland, they are already in service and do not notice that speeding. They are also used to monitor sections accident-prone and find violations. They are also an absolute weapon for detecting dangerous behavior because drivers do not know that they are observed.

Simple operation

In practice, an operator is responsible for guiding the drone and observing the images it films from a monitor. When he sees an infringement, he warns his colleagues on the ground so that they can intercept the vehicle in question. Evidence is obviously recorded for use if necessary in a later court summons.

Not in France

In France, the CNIL (National Commission for Informatics and Liberties) currently prevents the police from using drones for surveillance missions. However, a future modification of the law could allow their use in the context of demonstrations for example. In anticipation of a possible agreement, the police and gendarmerie have recently acquired them, but their use to detect traffic offenses is not not yet scheduled.

Check out the video of this feat below:

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