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Video: a Tesla Model X faces a tank!

But who can win this tug-of-war duel between an 800 hp Tesla Model X and an English tank?

Definitely, it would seem that some have spread the word. After proposing the duel between a small Fiat Panda and a big Tesla Model X, the American faces another challenge. This time, it is a very different size, as opposed to the Italian one. Silicon Valley SUV challenges a tank in a tug of war!

The opponents

In matte black, on the right of the screen, we therefore find a Tesla Model X P90D. With its 2 engines, it develops nearly 800 hp and a torque of around 1000 Nm for a weight of 2.5 t. A strong competitor in this duel. Especially since it is not opposed to the biggest tanks.

In military green, we discover an English “combat vehicle”. Technically, it is indeed too small to qualify as a tank. Corn with 9 tons and its 4.2-liter six, it should make short work of the Tesla.

A difficult start

Before even starting this confrontation, it is necessary to equip oneself with adequate equipment. Unsurprisingly, the rope originally planned does not last long and tears quickly. Make way for something more solid and, at the same time, an easy victory for the tank, right? At the start of the duel, the American offers a little resistance! She even manages to tow the small tank ! Before the driver of the latter presses the accelerator and begins to easily drag the Tesla. A defeat that was to be expected.

Discover the video of this duel between a tank and a Tesla below:

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