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a rare model for sale

The Volkswagen Polo Treser GT is a UFO among youngtimers. A copy of this unusual coupé-cabriolet-targa is now for sale in Germany.

After going through DKW, Alpina and Pirelli, Walter treser was recognized for his work at Audi, where he developed the brand’s special vehicles, before joining the Quattro program team in rallying. When he left, he created his own company in 1985: Walter Treser Automobilbau, specializing in the tuning of models of the ring brand.

However, Treser also offered preparations on Volkswagen, with in particular Golf, Corrado, as well as this Polo Treser GT between 1991 and 1993. One of the 290 copies of this model is now on sale by Garage 11, a German garage specializing in old and youngtimers.

Volkswagen Polo Treser GT: only 290 units

From a restyled Volkswagen Polo II, Treser produced an astonishing 2 + 2 coupé-cabriolet-Targa, of which 10 were produced in Treser’s workshops, and 280 were produced by a subcontractor in Austria. There is a modular hard top in two parts, including an independent rear arch allowing the car to be transformed into a Targa. The two roof elements could also be removed to transform it into a real convertible, while being stored in the trunk in case of return of the rain.

Under the hood, we find the standard 55 and 75 horsepower engines, coupled with a five-speed manual transmission. The model was marketed at the time from 34,000 deutsche marks, the equivalent of around 26,000 euros today.

This red copy from December 1993 is a 75 horsepower version, and displays 91.890 km on the odometer. It was first used as a demonstration vehicle, before being sold to its first owner in 1994, then joining Treser’s private collection in 2003. It is now on sale at a price of 11.900 euros.

Source: Garage 11

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