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Renault partners with Geely to relaunch in Asia

Renault will try to relaunch in China and Asia, thanks to a new partnership with the giant Geely.

In 2020, Renault was struggling in China. With less than 20,000 cars sold in 2019, the group ended up withdrawing from its historic joint venture with Dongfeng. Many saw it as the last chapter of a relative business failure. But the diamond has new ambitions in Asia, and decided to relaunch itself by allying itself with the giant geely.

If the name speaks to you, it’s because the Geely group is quite simply the first private builder in China. In Europe, he is best known as the owner of Lotus and Volvo, and Daimler’s partner for the future of Smart. In Asia, Geely has decided to bet everything on partnerships with brands : the Chinese manufacturer brings its technology, its industry and its network; other manufacturers keen to set up in China bring their brand and their ambitions.

Renault-Geely hybrids in South Korea?

This is also the strategy that this new partnership will put in place. In China, Renault will market hybrid cars developed with Geely. And in South Korea, which also falls within the scope of this contract, the group is studying the possibility ofexpand the current range Renault-Samsung. As a reminder, the latter now houses an SM3 ZE electric sedan, the SM6 sedan based on Talisman, the large QM6 SUV based on Koleos, and the XM3 coupe SUV based on Arkana.

New Renault-Geely models could therefore appear, based on Lync & Co models, with possible production in South Korea. In short, a Renault’s scheduled return to Asia, and particularly in China, on new bases.

It remains to be seen what future models developed jointly with Geely will look like. At present it seems unlikely to see them disembark in Europe later, but you must never say never: the current Arkana was originally developed for emerging markets, such as Russia, before being imported into France.

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