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Lamborghini is preparing a new Countach, with a V12 hybrid!

The Lamborghini Countach is 50 years old! The Lamborghini LP500, prototype that prefigures the future supercar, was indeed unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1971. Since then, the superlative forms of the V12-powered sports car have never ceased to be talked about. The Countach went through the 1970s and then became a 1980s icon, the archetypal “poster cars”, those cars that adorn the walls of the bedrooms of children dreaming of supercars.

To celebrate this anniversary, Lamborghini is not going to do things by halves: the brand has planned to revive the myth! In a short video posted on social networks, the message is clear: “the rebirth of a dream”, “a new image ready to be displayed on your wall” … But what form this Countach 50th anniversary will she take?

New Countach: the Sian platform?

To do justice to the ’80s supercar, Lamborghini is very likely to take over the Sian platform, to make an ultra-limited edition (50 copies?). It also makes sense, since the Aventador Ultimate was heralded as the last non-hybrid Lamborghini V12, and the Sian is equipped withan electrical system via a supercapacitor. It should then also be the last stand of this technology, the boss of Lamborghini having indicated that a more classic hybrid system, with batteries, would equip the replacement of the Aventador.

Probably unveiled this week!

It is unlikely, moreover, that the new Lamborghini Countach will be the new model, which has come to take over from the Aventador. As we know, Lamborghini likes to create many very limited series, creations that attract collectors and fans of the brand. And the future replacement of the Aventador will have to launch Lamborghini towards its future hybrid then electric: no question of doing so with an eye in the retro.

In any case, Lamborghini fans and nostalgic for the Countach should get their heart’s content very soon: the model should logically be unveiled during Pebble Beach, which takes place this week in the United States.

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