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5 things you didn’t know about the brand!

Think you know everything about the Taurus brand? Think again, here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about the Italian supercar brand.

After 5 things to know about Ferrari, we stay again and again in Italy with the 5 things you probably don’t know about Taurus mark.

In the history of major transalpine car brands, if we immediately think of Ferrari, it’s good Lamborghini which comes in second.

An outstanding manufacturer par excellence, Lamborghini has a historical quite atypical. Here are 5 trivia you probably don’t know!

Lamborghini is above all a brand of tractors

Directly after the war, Ferruccio Lamborghini has the idea of ​​embarking on agricultural equipment by taking back salvage parts from military equipment.

In 1948, he founded “Trattori Lamborghini” and, by the mid-1950s, nearly 1,000 tractors were produced per year. This is how he made his fortune in ten years or so, before launching in 1963 with the brand’s first model, the 350 GT.

He grew his business because he got angry with Enzo Ferrari

In the early 1950s, Enzo Ferrari would have said the following sentence to his rival Ferruccio Lamborghini : « You know how to drive a tractor, but you’ll never know how to drive a Ferrari ».

This scathing phrase was released by the founder of the prancing horse brand, in response to the endless clutch problems that Ferrucio was having. It was following this declaration that the latter founded his own brand of cars and enjoyed the success that we know today.

The names of the cars bear the names of bulls

Most of the brand’s model names are inspired by the world of fighting bulls. We can already find it on the logo, which hasn’t changed since 1963.

Several models will thus adopt names of bulls: like the Miura, in reference to the most famous fighting bull breeder Antonio Miura. We will also find the Islero, the Jarama, the famous Diablo, the Gallardo or the most recent Aventador, which is the name of a child of the Cuadri breeding, the best bull of the Zaragoza feria in 1993, who was fought by Emilio Muñoz.

The Urus is not the first all-terrain

the Lamborghini Urus is actually the brand’s second off-roader at the Taurus. We must indeed go back to 1986 with the imposing LM002, in the false air of Hummer to see the first large-scale vehicle of the brand. A vehicle historically intended to become a military vehicle for the US armed forces. But it will be precisely Hummer who will win the tender.

Under the hood, the beast of 2.6 tons had an engine V12 with 4 overhead camshafts developing nearly 450 horsepower. Impressive !

The brand experienced an Indonesian period

In 1994, the Indonesian group MegaTech acquired the entire Lamborghini group for $ 40 million, shortly before the brand fell under the control of the group. Volkswagen in 1997.

It was under the Audi era that the brand will relaunch itself, with the arrival of the Gallardo in 2003.

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