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an electric and autonomous roadster!

Audi unveils the first of three futuristic concepts: the autonomous Skysphere convertible!

For this end of summer, Audi has planned to unveil 3 concepts, supposed to reveal the future of the brand’s style. There will be an SUV (Urban Sphere), a large sedan (Grand Sphere), and a convertible, the Skysphere. It is precisely the latter that was unveiled first!

This very large convertible represents, for Audi, the future of the luxury car. Electric but traveler, autonomous but sporty, this Skysphere wants to put all the assets on its side.

A variable wheelbase!

And it starts with proportions sculpturales, with a very long hood. It houses two small chests designed to accommodate golf sets, and a set of mechanical components.

Because the most striking feature of this Audi Skysphere is hidden between the front wheels and the windshield: a mechanism that can vary the length! A concept reminiscent of the Renault Morphoz: like the French, the Audi Skysphere can be lengthened or shortened, depending on the occupants’ needs. In mode Grand Touring, the wheelbase is extended by 25 cm, for a total length of 5.19 m. The occupants then benefit from more space, especially since the steering wheel and the pedals can disappear under the dashboard, for 100% autonomous driving!

In Sport mode, the reduced wheelbase (equivalent to an RS5) and the rear steering wheels offer better agility. The driver then regains control, and can benefit from more 620 hp offered by the electric motor, positioned at the rear wheels. With an 80 kWh battery, Audi expects a range of around 500 km, although all this remains fiction for now.


Clean style and smart lighting

The style is classic. No tortured lines, but an emphasis on these famous proportions that are nothing extravagant. At the front, the hexagonal grille outline is retained, but the latter is replaced by a transparent panel which houses hundreds of LEDs. The headlights are very thin. The rear is more spectacular, with a large strip again filled with LEDs, which can come alive as needed. Audi badges are illuminated.

Inside, we do in science fiction: a screen crosses the entire width of the passenger compartment, and resumes digital retro. In autonomous mode, the steering wheel folds up and passes under the dashboard, which then displays a lot of customizable data. The entire interior is made of eco-responsible materials.

So what can we take away from this Skysphere concept? A general direction for Audi styling years, made of taut lines and lighting effects. We could even find the illuminated logos of the Skysphere on future models. To learn more about the future of Audi design, it remains to discover the other two “Spheres”, presented at the Munich show in early September.

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