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they go to the drive of a fast-food in NASCAR!

A NASCAR car is provided for the circuits and in no case to travel on the road. However, these American YouTubers do not care.

If by any chance the name is unknown to you, know that the NASCAR races take place in the United States, most often on the famous oval circuits. The cars that can be seen there are actually a tubular chassis covered with a composite material skin. Without doors, mirrors or simply lights, NASCAR machines are powered by huge V8s of 450 hp which take them to more than 300 km / h.

A wild

The youtubeur The Stradman is lucky to have such a car in his garage. Although this is not not at all suitable for road use, and moreover not approved, the American decides to take it out of the garage and to take a ride at the wheel on the open road. In addition to the difficulty to enter the passenger compartment, it comes up against the demanding handling of the clutch which turns out to be very hard and not very progressive, to the point that it stalls several times.

After the effort …

After having mastered the gearbox, the driver (who has boarded a passenger who does not even have a seat) ventures into town and finds that flexibility is not not the main quality of a NASCAR car. However, hunger is growing and the two men do not hesitate to go to the drive of a fast food restaurant to order food! In a matter of minutes, they committed a large number of offenses which could have cost them dearly …

But the fact remains that the employees of the fast food restaurant are clearly not used to seeing this kind of racing car appear at their counters!

Check out the scene video below:

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