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traffic forecasts for August 13 to 15, 2021

Discover Bison Futé’s traffic forecasts for the Assumption weekend, from Friday 13 to Sunday 15 August 2021.

The next weekend will be the Assumption weekend, and even if this holiday falls on a Sunday, without surprise, many motorists will take the road for this new holiday weekend, if we are to believe the forecasts of smart one.

Indeed, the little Indian specialist in road traffic predicts that returning from vacation to the north will take precedence over departures to coastal regions. The majority of traffic flows will therefore be from the south of the country to the north. The difficulties will begin this Friday, August 13 afternoon: it is advisable, in the direction of the returns, to return to or cross the Île-de-France before 2 p.m. The direction of departures is classified Vert throughout France, with the exception of the Mediterranean Arc, classified Orange.

Throughout the weekend, the difficulties will focus on the Mediterranean arc between Italy and Spain, in both directions on the A7, A8 and A9, A61 and A62 motorways, on the coast of the Italian border up to at the Spanish border. The day of Saturday August 14 will be the most difficult, with a ranking in Rouge (very difficult circulation) on the whole of the territory in the direction of the returns, while the direction of the departures will be marked byOrange, with the exception of the Mediterranean Arc and the South-West region, classified Rouge.

The day of Sunday, August 15 is classified Vert by Bison Futé over the whole of France in the direction of departures, while the direction of returns will remain classified Orange across the country.

Click here to find all the traffic forecasts for Bison Futé! Be careful on the roads and in advance, have a good holiday weekend!

Traffic forecast for August 13-15, 2021

In the direction of departures:

  • Friday August 13: VERT on a national level, ORANGE on the Mediterranean Arc
  • Saturday August 14: ORANGE on a national level, ROUGE on the Mediterranean Arc and the South-West region
  • Sunday August 15: VERT on a national level

In the direction of the returns:

  • Friday August 13: ORANGE on a national level, ROUGE on the Mediterranean Arc
  • Saturday August 14: ROUGE on a national level
  • Sunday August 15: ORANGE on a national level

Source: Smart Bison

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