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Motorhomes: our guide to the specialized lexicon!

This summer, motorhomes are very popular. Maybe it is necessary to see there a post-Covid effect, but still it is that many neophytes embarked on the adventure, in campervan, in van, or even with a large integral.

But we have to admit that the motorhome world can sometimes be a bit obscure, especially in terms of its specific language. So for those who are a little lost, or just curious, here are some important words to know before starting!

The technique

  • Lyre : the pipe between the gas cylinder and the regulator
  • Châssis Al-Ko : a specific type of motorhome chassis, designed by the company of the same name. It is generally lighter and often lower than a conventional motorhome
  • Battery cells : the battery charged to supply the motorhome accessories (stove, interior lighting, etc.) and not the engine
  • PTAC : Total Authorized Loaded Weight, the maximum legal mass which takes into account the load. For a motorhome compatible with the B license, the PTAC is 3.5 tonnes.
  • VASP : the legal category of motorhomes (Specially Equipped Self-Supporting Vehicle). VASP homologation changes the gray card and insurance.
  • Nasturtium : a storage or sleeping space located high up in the pavilion
  • Skylight : a small ventilation window located on the roof of the motorhome
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Sanitary facilities

  • Toilet cisterns : the container responsible for collecting the droppings, removable and washable
  • Gray water : wastewater from showers, washbasins or dishes
  • Black water : wastewater from toilets, stored in the cassette
  • Clean waters : the water tank needed for the toilet, dishes, etc.


  • Drop-down bed : a bed installed under the ceiling of the motorhome, and which can be lowered before using it
  • French bed : a central bed that allows access from both sides of the bed
  • Dinette bed : a folded bed in the living area

The types of motorhomes

  • Profiled : the most common motorhome, it is more compact and more aerodynamic than an integral
  • Integral : the largest motorhome, with generous living space and impressive dimensions
  • Van or converted van : smaller than a motorhome, it is based directly on a utility which is then fitted out by a workshop or by yourself

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