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this buggy is actually a Tesla Model 3

American mechanics fans have recovered a damaged Tesla Model 3 good for the breakage and transformed it into an incredible machine!

Well known among Tesla enthusiasts, the YouTuber Rich Rebuild is the undisputed master in the United States of car repair for the Californian firm. That’s why he was contacted by the friends of the Grind Hard Plumbing channel for a crazy project. Together, the 3 DIY enthusiasts decided to save a Tesla Model 3 damaged from the junkyard and turn it into an all-terrain vehicle!

Two motors

A damaged Tesla, the youtubers looked for a long time because they wanted a model equipped with two motors to be more comfortable off-road. Rather heavily damaged at the front, this one has quickly restarted before modifying the suspensions to give them much more travel. Wide rims with huge tires then replace the original Tesla wheels.


Free of certain parts such as shields, the Model 3 receives tubular protections at the front, as well as a winch to get out of any bad situation. According to its designers, the car is very efficient off-road despite the fact that its mechanics remained entirely original. One beautiful rescue as we like them!

Check out the video of this car below:

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