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Train derails, many Ford F-150s are destroyed

A large batch of Ford F-150s were being shipped to dealerships when a major derailment destroyed them.

Like many other manufacturers, Ford is a victim of the semiconductor crisis. Because of this shortage, production is severely slowed down. The blue oval mark puts all means available so as not to interrupt the delivery of the most requested cars.

An accident that Ford would have done well

Among them, the F-150 is an undisputed success and regularly ranks among the best-selling models. Many pick-ups had been assembled and all that remained was to transport them to their owner. But a terrible accident happened.

A train of 33 wagons transporting a large batch of American “trucks” was derailment victim important. It is indicated by the authorities that this train was transporting wheat but also a large number of the Ford pickup. With such an accident, it is the probable loss of several hundred F-150s

which is to be deplored.

A disaster near an assembly line

The cars probably came from the Kansas City assembly lines located near the derailment site. They are not, however, about to arrive at their destination.. Missouri Highway Patrol has confirmed that no injuries are fortunately to report. Authorities also said there was no toxic vapor. A railway employee indicates that this incident will require “A few days of cleaning”.

In addition to the Ford F-150, some Transit vans manufactured in the same factory were also victims of the derailment.

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