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A Chevrolet Aveo Transformers low cost version

Not sure that Chevrolet had imagined that one of its cars would be transformed in this way by its owner, a fan of Transformers.

An owner who was obviously not happy with the look of the little 5-door, called Sonic on the other side of the Atlantic, got it. totally transformed. The least he can say is that he spared no effort! The result is worthy of a Transformers movie… which would have lacked a little budget.

A cluttered front panel

Many different parts can be found affixed to the body of the Sonic. At the front, there is a bull bar which appears to be made of red plastic tubes resting on a wooden plate. The bumper was dressed in several silver plates while the grille was repainted in green. The optics are underlined in red. The hood has two plastic scoops, also painted red.

There is also a particularly unsightly bulge which seems to have a photovoltaic panel (?). But, it must be admitted that its mounting seems well suited to the line of the hood.

At last, red plastic sleeves

extend from the shield to the base of the mirrors.

A profile and a rear that are not spared

The sills are dressed with roughly laid tubes while fender extensions are also part of the game. The rear is in the same vein with a disproportionate fin. Its uprights go down to the traffic lights!

Various and varied modules have also been installed everywhere. It looks like a diffuser has been tinkered with, unless it’s a bunch of dummy exhaust pipes!

Multiple decals of various origins, including Autobots stickers, come to decorate the whole!

The whole thing gives an original car but that one would not necessarily wish to have in his garage. All the same, we must salute daring and perseverance what must have had the owner of this car to prepare it in such a way!

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