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this Toyota Corolla lands in a restaurant!

In New Jersey in the United States, a vehicle glides and ends its race in the middle of a restaurant of a fast food chain in the middle of rush hour! Fortunately, this mishap only resulted in two minor injuries.

The customers of this fast-food restaurant in New Jersey, in the United States, were more than surprised a few days ago, in full rush, around 1 p.m. While the tables were full and the drive-in was going full blast, a car out of nowhere – it is the case to say it – took off on an embankment to finish its race practically in the middle of the terrace.. An accident to say the least impressive.

A landing that could have been catastrophic

On the images below, we can perfectly visualize the violence of the shock. While families are on the terrace, a Toyota Corolla crashes into another vehicle which then appears to be queuing at the drive-in and lying on its side

. The latter has very probably made it possible to save an even greater shock which could have engendered much more disastrous consequences.

Only 2 injured!

The driver reportedly had a health problem, possibly discomfort, causing the accident. Yes the choc is impressive, the most incredible in this story is that there are only 2 minor injuries. The Toyota driver, who had to be pulled out of his vehicle by firefighters, was also taken to hospital as was a child in the car waiting to be served. Fortunately, their days are not in danger.

Check out the video of this incredible glide below:

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