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the Class G in 100% electric!

You are undoubtedly familiar with the large Mercedes G-Class 4 × 4. But for this year, the German brand unveils a 100% electric vehicle concept, the EQG Concept!

a Mercedes G Class 100% electric, it’s coming soon! At Munich trade fair 2021, the firm with the star announces the color by revealing the concept-car EQG. Here are the details.

If it is still a draft, we imagine that the end result will not be so far from this concept rather successful on the aesthetic level!

A futuristic backpacker design

At the house of Mercedes, you don’t change a winning recipe. For this concept of the G-Class in electric, the German brand uses the angular lines so characteristic of the German 4 × 4. And it works: at first glance, you immediately recognize the iconic design of the vehicle.

We also find the thick protective strips on the sides, which are here underlined by white luminous bands. At the front, we find a mix of the most beautiful effect between the Mercedes EQ signature and the typical round headlights of class G.

The roof rack here sports a shiny black color, as does the upper part of the vehicle. The sill is metallic gray.

Another Mercedes detail for this reinterpretation of the legendary model, instead of the usual spare wheel cover, there is a lockable box on the rear door with white light accents. The design is reminiscent of a wallbox. This can be used, for example, to store the charging cable within easy reach!

Four electric motors for all four wheels!

If the EQG concept is refined from the outside, Mercedes does not forget its primary philosophy, namely to make it a real all terrain

capable of crossing steep terrain!

To do so, the future electric G-class is equipped with four motors, which are added to each of the 4 × 4 wheels. Thanks to this architecture, one can undoubtedly imagine a formidable efficiency in all-terrain mode: the instant torque will allow the EQG to overcome all the obstacles in front of it!

On the other hand, Mercedes does not specify for the moment neither the size of the batteries, nor the autonomy, nor the power of the engines. The location of the batteries on the other hand will allow the Electric Class G to very low center of gravity : these will be housed directly in the platform, under the chassis.

A first in its category

At the moment, it’s still just a concept. But the new electric 4 × 4 from Mercedes should not be long in showing itself in its final version.

The new Mercedes EQG, like the thermal G-Class, is expected to have two main rivals in this segment: the Land Rover Defender as well as the Jeep Wrangler.

The German firm therefore wishes to strike the first in this very exclusive segment of electric off-roaders and we can already imagine a future marketing for 2022!

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