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the ideal compact for 2040?

This strange concept car conveys the idea of ​​what the future of the automobile will be according to BMW. Built from recyclable materials, this “Vision Circular” can also be 100% recycled. An economic and environmental logic that seems utopian to us today.

In a motor show in Munich undergoing restructuring, BMW innovates and unveils a modern concept car. Halfway between a car-sharing vehicle and a compact, the i Vision Circular hides a particular concept. That of consuming as little raw material as possible while rejecting no harmful emissions.

100% recycled and recyclable

We are far from the revelation of the Vision M Next concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019. Sport gives way here to utility, ecological awareness and the practical sense of things. Four fundamental principles govern the project: RE:THINK, RE:DUCE, RE:USE et RE:CYCLE (either in French “to rethink”, “to reduce”, “to reuse” and “to recycle”). Throughout the process, the Bavarian manufacturer ensured the life cycle from his car. That is to say all the pollution produced through construction, parts, assembly, travel, the battery then the life of the car, used by an individual, a professional, a dealership etc.

The entire body of the vehicle is built fromaluminium and without surface paint. Most of the assemblies made have been designed to be easily undone. Thus, there are buttons and quick fasteners especially inside.

We could almost see an allusion to the zippers present on the exterior of the VW ID Life. For example, we do not see any leather or chrome and even less rare and unnecessarily expensive materials. Even the drums would be almost 100% recyclable using new technologies. Defective components can thus be replaced in no time at all, according to BMW of course!

Magic beans

The concept is not, however, a pure study of style. It also inaugurates the new platform of the BMW group which will equip all future electric models of the brand from 2025. We thus find a completely new design with a particular light signature. The headlights have been integrated into the beans which protrude horizontally to the front fenders.

Large glass surfaces allow, for example, the display of live information. The passenger could consult the state of the batteries or open his door very simply. At the rear, we once again find the light strip which incorporates the brake light.

All these elements are consecutive to the very origin of the project. The i Vision Circular in reality aims at the circular economy. The German group is therefore seeking to considerably increase the share of “clean” materials. Because there is no such thing as a 100% recycled and recyclable car. Today, BMW intends to increase the rate of recycled parts from 30% to 50 %.

Cozy atmosphere on board

The objective was also to design a compact model, intended for city centers. The i Vision Circular does not exceed 4 m long and is able to carry 4 people in good conditions. No central console and unnecessary bulk, the concept-car is an invitation to travel. Especially since the opposing doors facilitate access on board for children or the elderly.

The dashboard is also simplified as much as possible. In addition to the crystal and the treated wood which cover it, it is especially the absence of screen which shocks. Finally, the bad tongues will say… All the information is actually grouped together on the XXL head-up display, Citroën group style with the latest C4 and DS4. BMW therefore imagined what the compact could be on the horizon. 2040, while preserving the planet as well as possible. What about the wallet?

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