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Two cars driving with jumper cables

When a car’s battery is dead, jumper cables are very useful. However, they are used while stationary, not while driving!

When writing Auto Plus, we thought we had seen it all! But obviously, no because this video left us speechless ! We see a Volkswagen Beetle and a SUV Ford drive through a crossroads, both with the hood open. If the danger of this irresponsible behavior may surprise at first glance, you have to take the time to look at the images to discover an even more bizarre detail.

Connected using jumper cables

Indeed, the two cars are linked together by… two jumper cables! We may think, but we do not see why these motorists drive connected with the contempt of all basic safety

. When a car with a dead battery has been started using the cables, there is no reason to leave them connected.

Jumper cables: what use?

In the trunk of your car, it is always useful to have a good set of jumper cables, history of be able to troubleshoot oneself or help others if something goes wrong. More practical still, there are small autonomous boosters equipped with lithium-ion batteries for a few tens of euros on the best e-commerce sites.

Discover the scene in video below:

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