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Maserati: do you know the hidden meaning of its logo?

When we are fond of beautiful sports, we cannot ignore this legendary mark. Founded at the beginning of the 20th century by six brothers, Maserati is now part of Stellantis group. Besides its fascinating history, do you know the hidden meaning behind its logo in the shape of a trident?

A little history…

The Italian sports car brand is founded in 1914 To Bologne, through Alfieri Maserati, young man then from a family of 7 children, including 5 who will have devoted all their lives to cars, inheriting his father’s passion for speed.

It was the eldest, Carlo Maserati, who was the first to get started by becoming a test pilot at Fiat and Isotta Fraschini. A few years later in 1917, Alfieri began manufacturing spark plugs for engines.

The 6th of the siblings, Mario, is also involved in the creation of the brand. Original artist, it is he who draw the brand emblem, a trident inspired by the fountain of Neptune in Bologna. Almost all the brothers in the family thus contributed to the history as well as to the success of the Italian brand.

The brand has subsequently undergone many organizational changes, with many many successive redemptions : Maserati came under the control of Citroën, Chrysler or Fiat. Today, the brand is part of the Stellantis group.

A logo in the shape of a trident?

The company logo represented by the famous trident was created by artist Mario Maserati. Indeed, when the Maserati family wanted to create the coat of arms

of their brand of cars, it was one of the sons who made the fine arts who got down to it.

The latter lived just in front of the main square of Bologne where is a fountain with Neptune, the god of the oceans. Looking through his window, he took inspiration from trident that the statue holds to make it the future logo of Maserati.

But the trident represented in the logo also has a completely different meaning!

This emblem also has a connection with one of the lives of the boys of the Maserati siblings. Indeed, this logo also symbolizes the fork that once had “Saved” Alfieri Maserati from death. He was allegedly attacked by an angry wolf while walking in the woods, and saved by a man who came to the aid of a pitchfork.

Even today, the logo has remained unchanged, or almost. the trident is still present and the brand name still appears, affixed just below.

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