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Disused taxis converted to vegetable gardens in Bangkok

For lack of drivers to run its fleet of taxis, this company has found a funny way to try to make them profitable: transform them into vegetable gardens to accommodate vegetables and farmed frogs!

London has its famous black taxis, New York its legendary Yellow Cabs, Bangkok now has taxis turned into vegetable gardens. If the information gives rise to a smile, the project is nevertheless very serious. One of the taxi companies serving the Thai capital has indeed decided to rehabilitate the roof of its vehicles in a makeshift garden, For grow vegetables, lack of drivers.

Non grata tourists

It’s a short story consequence of Covid-19 : With the very strict restrictions put in place by the Thai government – night curfew and the closure of certain establishments – tourism, essential to the city, has taken a big hit. Failing to see tourists flocking to the capital, the companies had no choice but to thank their drivers, many of whom left the city and returned to their villages.

Free races

What to do then fleet of dozens of taxis, immobilized for an indefinite period? Choice was made on the part of this company to grow vegetables there, arranged on small plots of land on the roof

, and y raising frogs, which now dabble in old tires, on the hood. This last chance decision was not taken for pleasure, but by financial necessity, and the vegetables in question – cucumbers, zucchini, eggplants, peppers – are for drivers and unemployed employees, or at the sale in food markets from the capital.

Ivy wreath

We knew the Toyota Corolla – manufacturer’s bestseller and best-selling model in the world – versatile and indestructible, but let’s face it, we wouldn’t have imagined such a vocation for him! Discover today these dozens of cars stamped in pink and orange eat the dust and brave the vegetation is anything but conventional, but it’s arguably the most original story we’ve heard this week!

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