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Why have the yellow lines turned white in France?

Must wait 1926 so that ground markings are recognized as a protocol of the road safety. But at this time, the roads were not yet systematically marked. It is onlyin the early 1930s that the lines on the floor were used more regularly. And at that time, they were (already) white.

At the end of the Second World War, in the fifties, France as always decided not to do like the others. Like the headlights of cars, the white line passes through yellow also !

It’s in 1956 that dotted lines enter the scene. The yellow line becomes “a wall” that should not be crossed, and the dotted line allows to cross the middle line for overruns.

Finally, in 1972, the yellow bands will finally go back to white in France, to bring themselves to the level of Europe quite simply. This follows the 1968 Vienna International Convention.

In practice, it is especially considered that white offers better visibility than yellow. Especially since the retro-reflective mark appeared in 1965.

Today, the color yellow still exists on our roads. However, this painting – as indicated by the highway code – is reserved for temporary marking. Marking during the phases of road works, in order to channel traffic.

Now you know !

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