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Electric motorhomes: the distant future?

Cars have already been there: but where are the electric motorhomes? They still have many obstacles to overcome… Will we soon see a rich offer of electric motorhomes?

The automotive world is rocked by the light-speed adoption of all-electric. We can no longer count the brands that announce renouncing thermal, or countries that will ban them for sale. However, motorhomes and other converted vans, very fashionable these days, remain confined to diesel. Even if it means being denied access to more and more cities. So when can we expect thearrival of electric motorhomes? What forms will they take?

Substantial obstacles …

The arrival of electric motorhomes is delayed by several obstacles. First and foremost, the price. On a car as on a utility vehicle, batteries are expensive, very expensive. And to have a correct autonomy on a vehicle as heavy and not very aerodynamic than a motorhome, it will takehuge batteries, fatally very expensive.

The other concern is precisely caused by these enormous batteries: the weight. In fact, “full-size” motorhomes often and quite quickly reach the GVWR limit of 3.5 tonnes. This is also why associations have asked that it be raised to 4.5 tonnes. A 100% electric motorhome would severely limit the amount of equipment that occupants could take with them.

Finally, there remains the problem of autonomy, as with cars. Difficult to take a motorhome very far, despite large batteries. Especially since the batteries must be able to handle the interior equipment (kitchen, hot water, light, etc.). And since the image of motorhomes is also based on a vision of adventure and long-distance travel, it is difficult to announce a motorhome limited to 300 km of autonomy

… But the solutions are coming!

Fortunately, specialists have already started to work on the problem. In fact, their time is running out: the different laws are getting tougher every day in the world. Some models have already appeared, with solutions to the various problems mentioned above. We think in particular of the Stella Vita, a prototype solar motorhome designed by the University of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, which could generate up to 700 km of autonomy per day thanks to its photovoltaic panels. Here’s a good idea: parked for long periods of time, in generally mild climates, and with a large roof area, motorhomes are ideal candidates for switching to solar panels.

There remains, of course, the questions of price and weight. For this, manufacturers are starting to turn to converted vans and vans. These categories are also on the rise! Above all, they are smaller (therefore weigh less), and are less expensive to start with.

Finally, utility manufacturers are already starting to offer more and more electric models : Renault, for example, is now switching a good part of its range (Kangoo, Master, Trafic) to electric. Electric carriers will therefore soon be available.

In short, a very wide and accessible range of electric motorhomes is not for tomorrow. But maybe after tomorrow

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