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when will the tire be airless?

The airless tire is more than ever a reality. With the Uptis, Michelin wants to launch this puncture-proof tire by 2024!

Remember, that was a few years ago. Michelin came up with a crazy idea … airless tire !? If the design of this new form of tires can be more or less confusing, it would not be impossible to see it arrive soon on our roads and equip certain vehicles. A priori, it’s coming soon!

Unveiled in 2019 under the name of Uptis, Michelin therefore wishes to launch its new revolutionary tires from here 2024. While waiting for its launch, the English YouTuber M. JWW was able to test these tires of a new kind on a Mini Cooper SE, with the director of the brand’s technical and scientific group.

The long history of the airless tire

The story of the airless tire made by Michelin begins in 2004 World Motor Show, when the brand showed its new “airless wheel” systems. At the time, these were called Airless and Tweel.

It was only 10 years later that the project materialized, when the French firm opened the world’s first airless tire factory in 2014. The latter only produces specific erasers for construction or agricultural vehicles. The latter is located in Caroline from the south in the USA.

Called “X Tweel”, these tires consist of a rigid hub which is connected to a tread thanks to deformable spokes. With this system, the risk of a puncture is therefore impossible. Must wait 2017 for Michelin to look at a version of similar tires of gums ” Airless For the conventional vehicles of Mr. and Mrs. Everyone.

Still at the prototype stage, the tire ” Uptis

(Unique Puncture-proof Tire System) had been tested in collaboration with the American General Motors on the Chevrolet Bolt EV on 2019.

Today, this type of tire is still in development, as shown in the video below:

The airless tire will be a reality in 2024

In the excerpt, YouTuber Mr. JWW chats with Cyrille Roget, the director of Michelin’s technical and scientific group. We learn some secrets about this fairly revolutionary tire. This should have, according to the words of the Clermont-Ferrand firm, identical performance to those of traditional wheels.

The advantages of this type of tire are numerous. The main one is the total absence of possible punctures. As a result, two other advantages arise from this, such as no freeing of tire pressure and an increased service life compared to a conventional tubeless tire.

Finally, there are also environmental issues: according to industrial studies, nearly 20% of the tires produced each year are thrown away due to the deformation of the tread or the rapid loss of pressure.

According to the French manufacturer, these are close to 200 million tires which end up in the landfill every year following a puncture. The new tire Uptis could therefore avoid this ecological disaster. Its development will be done in the United States, in collaboration with General Motors … With as a reminder, a marketing planned in 2024.

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