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Volkswagen will have to pay consumers!

Volkswagen is starting to want to avoid the inevitable, namely to reimburse the thousands of consumers injured since Dieselgate. But the European Commission is watching …

The case of ” dieselgate »Drags since 2015. This unprecedented scandal in the automotive world affects several European manufacturers, including Volkswagen at the top of the list. The latter has already left 30 billion euros in the battle, which is not yet over. Indeed, the European commissioner in charge of the investigation bangs his fist on the table so that the German firm stops ” play for time« .

Six years later …

Small booster shot for those absent from the bottom. The “dieselgate” corresponds to organized fraud on polluting emissions from diesel engines principally. The antipollution standards being too important in the United States, software created by engineers misled the calculations during homologation tests. Volkswagen but also Peugeot, Citroën, Renault or even recently FCA, since attached to Stellantis, were thus condemned.

Since the fall of 2015 and the recognition of Volkswagen on his cheat, thousands of consumers banded together to take further legal action. As a reminder in April 2020, the German brand had agreed to an agreement with theassociation VZBV. This one spoke and still speaks in the name of nearly 250,000 owners of rigged diesel cars. The accepted proposal agreed on a range between 1,350 and 6,250 euros in compensation per car.

But since then, nothing new. It must be said that the total amount is around 750 million euros and that the reimbursement deadline has not been set. Add to this thousands of individual civil proceedings, which are most often concluded amicably for equivalent amounts. Volkswagen does not get over the situation and is therefore slow to communicate about it.

The European commissioner scolds

Most Justice does not wait, especially when it is caught out by the ill will of the accused (also condemned). It was then that the European Commissioner Didier Reynders, in charge of Consumer protection, comes into play. He denounces ” bad faith »From the German manufacturer. ” I believe that it is up to us to let European consumers know that a firm has chosen to play for time and to try to avoid compensating them while the convictions fall one after the other ”, he continues.

The reputation of the group is at stake! So if he is rather inclined to pay your debts in Germany, this is much less the case outside its borders. The European Commission on Tuesday (September 28th) called on the automaker to compensate all customers. The European Commissioner establishes the “Bad will” from the German group to ” act as determinedly outside Germany as it does in Germany ”. It is necessary for that “Find appropriate solutions and close this chapter avoiding years of litigation” … Would that be enough?

In all cases, the “dieselgate” is everyone’s business in Europe. Volkswagen is therefore requested to rely on the compensation already given to satisfy other countries. There are nearly 150,000 people in the Netherlands, 400,000 in Belgium and 900,000 in France. Enough to get out a few billion more.

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