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what is the meaning of its logo?

Like a certain Italian brand, Porsche has chosen the prancing horse as its logo. What is his story ? Answer in this article!

With over 270,000 sales in the world in 2020, Porsche is one of the most influential premium builders. With iconic models like the 911 or even, forgive the purists, the Cayenne, its imprint is total on many segments. And what about his track record in motorsport? Everyone therefore knows the German manufacturer. But what about its logo?

A story … very American

The creation of the Porsche logo is a myth, perhaps a reality, which dates back a little before the 1950s. At this time, theGermany was split between several territories ruled by the British, Americans and French. When West Germany was born and following a referendum in 1951, three states must merge: Württemberg-Baden, Württemberg-Hohenzollern and Baden. the coat of arms of the republic of the free people of württemberg (with a single “t” in French) must therefore give way, just like the emblem of the city of Stuttgart.

A year later in 1952, we are in a New York restaurant. Porsche does not have a logo and like all other brands it is looking for a superior visual identity. Ferdinand Porsche, creator of the brand, died a few months ago and it is Ferry Porsche who now holds the reins. The latter meets Max Hoffman, American importer of European cars. He then sketched on a table napkin the outline of a logo, completed at the same time by Ferry with the symbols linking Porsche to his hometown and state.

Back after his business trip, the boss of the builder discusses it with Franz Xaver Reimspieß

, engineer working in the Porsche Design offices. He hastens to finalize the creation of a final logo very close to what we know today. It will appear at the end of 1952 on the 356 series model.

A logo in keeping with its past

Porsche has changed its logo very little since 1952. It is still designed in the form of a coat of arms, as Peugeot can do with its new signature. We find the medieval coat of arms of Württemberg with its red and black lines as well as the deer antlers on a yellow background. the Prancing Horse, him, comes from the ville de Stuttgart who had it as a symbol of the 13th century until 1952, therefore.

At present, the German brand is also taking care to work its typography. The name Porsche appears on all the rear faces in full. But the logo is not to be outdone and takes place on the front face, the steering wheel or as the hub of the rims. It still contains the name Porsche in its center, since the house is faithful to the city of Stuttgart, where the company has still been headquartered since its inception.

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