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he pulls out 1,000 hp from his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X!

This Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X has been “slightly” modified to extract 1,000 hp from its 4-cylinder engine which can reach 10,000 rpm!

The Lancer EVO has not been produced since 2015 but has retained many fans around the world. Latest generation of the legendary Mitsubishi sports car, the EVO X released 295 hp from its 2.0 turbo 4-cylinder. But some clever Japanese fans are not content with this “low” power.

An increase of 700 hp!

The version presented in video now develops 1,000 hp! A nice improvement of over 700 hp which required a little work. The owner has owned this EVO for 6 years and has gradually modified it. He first offered him a first increase in power to go to 350 hp. But quite quickly, so this appeared to be a bit too tight

. Several steps were then taken to reach today this delusional figure of 1000 hp.

Many modifications

Among the modifications, we can note revised pistons and cams as well as reinforced valve springs or a larger intercooler. It had to be that to endure the larger turbocharger blowing at over 3.5 bar while the 4 cylinder can run at 10 000 tr / min serenely. The sequential gearbox has 6 gears and the all-wheel drive are highly stressed when the right pedal is depressed!

If no figure is given on the cost of all modifications, no doubt that this must be high. But as they say, when you love, you don’t count!

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