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You can make your own BBS wheels … out of chocolate!

It is now possible to create miniature BBS chocolate rims at home thanks to a Japanese company that invented aluminum molds.

BBS is a recognized rim manufacturer around the world. Its wheels are popular with manufacturers to give an additional touch of exclusivity to their sporty models. Singer tapped BBS for his recent 911 DLS, as Volkswagen on its Golf Concept GTI BBS Concept paying homage to the Golf GTI Mk2. BBS are also popular with preparers and customization enthusiasts.

If you do not have the utility or the means to get the original models (or more simply if you do not have a car), but you are fans of this German brand, this news is for you.

An idea straight from Japan

A Japanese company has found a way to reproduce the manufacturing method

forged rims but in a miniaturized way and above all, working with chocolate.

The mussels are produced by 4Design by DW, known for blending traditional Japanese craftsmanship with the automotive theme. The molds are signed BBS, so you have official BBS (chocolate) rims!

A few minutes for its BBS chocolate rims

Made of aluminum, the molds form a rectangle measuring 75 mm by 100 mm. The interior forms a rim-shaped void where all you need to do is pour the melted chocolate. It will then take several minutes for it to cool down and then form a perfect BBS rim!

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