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Motorcycle: Here is everything you will need to wear to face the winter

If the motorbike is a pleasure, it becomes much less when it comes to riding in the rain, snow or too low temperatures. To fully enjoy your two wheels while staying warm, here is our selection of equipment to invest in this season.

Motorcycle equipment: the latest ready-to-wear

Riding a motorcycle when the weather is good is happiness. But in winter, when inclement weather gets in your way, your trip can turn into hell if you’re not properly equipped. To keep driving as comfortable as possible, we have what you need in terms of equipment. Like a padded, waterproof jacket. Indispensable for driver safety, it is also essential in winter to protect you from the cold. Removable quilted thermal lining, rear protection plate, multi-pocket… Do not hesitate to take advantage of a useful, practical, comfortable and reassuring model. The same goes for the hands: many brands provide you with heated motorcycle gloves, which are more than necessary so that you do not arrive at work with frozen fingers. And for the more cautious, we have something to satisfy you with a USB heated vest. To be connected to an external battery, this vest starts electrically in just a few seconds and is ideal for preserving your body heat regardless of the weather outside.

Motorbike in winter: useful accessories

In terms of accessories and gadgets, we do not skimp on the most important element to preserve your safety: the helmet. Here, we advise you to choose it with a padded and breathable interior, and why not equipped with an easy-to-use attachment system with the wearing of gloves. To store your belongings while protecting them from even the smallest drop of water, opt for the Top Case. You will find them everywhere on the market, and we recommend especially the light models for easy driving. Some brands provide these compact mini suitcases, enough to slip your computer or water bottle without fear of the slightest damage. And for men who like to be connected in all circumstances, winter may be the season to invest in a wristwatch. Unlike many phones that you have to keep pulling out of your pockets, the smartwatch stays snug on your wrist and is often waterproof. She is therefore not afraid of the rain. The pleasure of driving is yours, even in gloomy weather.

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