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Motorhomes and campervans: why are they so popular?

Motorhomes and campervans are popular. With sales exploding for over a year, how can we explain such success?

Since the health crisis and a fairly disturbed socio-professional context, habits and the lifestyles have changed significantly over the past two years. So much so that with all these changes, some motorists simply decided to buy a motorhome during this period. to go live the adventure !

Others, even more determined to change their life, have made the radical choice of go live all year round in their new toy

With all these new followers of the van-life, we are therefore entitled to wonder why the camping-car where the converted van do they like that much?

Because it’s absolute freedom

Go on camping-car, it is like leaving with part of your house on your back. With this size advantage, you no longer have to worry about finding a hotel or a bed and breakfast to sleep. You have a bed behind your seat!

On board your camping-car or your converted van, the only master on board is you. And that changes absolutely everything! No more schedules for breakfasts and meals like at the hotel, no more need to check-in luggage, to leave the room for cleaning service… Also no need to run after buses or trains to visit , you can get to the city center aboard your vacation home on wheels. In short, you will save time and be able to continue your journey directly without taking the lead!

Finally, by traveling in this way, you will be able to wake up to unforgettable places. Imagine waking up by the sea, in the heart of a forest or in front of an incredible panorama. When traveling in a van or motorhome, all you have to do is open the doors to watch the show!

Because the holidays are more economical

By leaving in a motorhome, it is above all to save on several things. Exit the costs of stay at the hotel for example or in lodge. If you go on an adventure with your camping-car, this is one of the biggest savings you are going to make, especially if you go in high season. In the middle of summer, renting an apartment by the sea, for example, can easily cost more than 1 000 euros, or even more if you take a large accommodation.

With your converted vehicle, it’s up to you to choose the vacation that suits you. If you have the budget, you can go camping, eat out, and go out in town. On the other hand, if the budget were to run out, it’s up to you to adapt to find free areas to save money. Ditto for food, by shopping and cooking your own dishes, you will be able to have a stay without spending a lot of money. With your kitchen area, no need to go to the restaurant for lunch and dinner! You even have refrigerators in motorhomes

in order to keep your dishes cool and thus cook the leftovers for the evening meal.

The more you will use your motorhome in the long term, the more you will make it profitable: keep in mind that each excursion has a housing budget with less spending!

Because it’s the best way to discover a region or a country!

By traveling by train or plane, you will hardly see the landscape. On board your camping-car, the advantage is that you will take your time.

And it’s simply the best way to experience your trip to immerse yourself in the places and culture of the region: stop, take the time, and be curious about the elements that surround you! It’s the best way to come back with hundreds of memories in your head.

Once there, you will be able to enjoy it even more than if you were at the hotel: no need to go back to sleep, you can stay longer on the beach for example!

Because it makes unforgettable memories for the whole family

Holidays in a motorhome are an unforgettable moment and especially in family. Children, for example, love this type of stay, because it is a moment of unparalleled bonding with parents. Thus, unlike the car, the latter have enough space to play and sleep during the journey. And this is not the place that is lacking to let off steam. Finally, with the many storage spaces available inside the vehicle, children can easily take all their games with them.

Life in a motorhome is a moment of shared intimacy. We definitely do more things together and without necessarily stepping on each other’s toes! In fact, most family motorhomes have a bed in the front and a bedroom in the back. Everyone then has their own space for the night.

Last advantage, you will be able to go on vacation without forgetting your pets. And they will love to go with you and share these moments of happiness!

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