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Unusual: Journey to Alaska in a Ferrari 308

An American who bought a 1982 Ferrari 308 GTSI at auction decided to head to the Arctic behind the wheel of this barely prepared car for such a feat.

It was in 2019 that Brian Whalen bought a Ferrari 308 GTSI at auction. First injection version of this model, this one is a little unloved because enthusiasts prefer the engine with 4 valves per cylinder.

Never mind, the American fell in love with this car displaying 80,000 km of origin and he bought it for a correct price. So Brian had fun, and the good news is thathe does not hesitate to use his Italian car. While he had rented a friend’s house and thought he was enjoying the magical place, he sets off on the road, on the adventure behind the wheel of his Ferrari.

With the health situation which is not terrible, he prolongs his journey and decides to go to Alaska! Original!

Basic equipment

When you think about it, a Ferrari 308 GTSI is not really the ideal vehicle to drive through a region as well. desert and inhospitable than Alaska.

But that did not put off Brian who equipped his car with pneus rallye Pirelli K4 Gravel

and add a roof rack to store two spare wheels and gasoline cans. The big antenna that can be seen on the roof of the Ferrari is that of a CB radio which allows it to communicate with the other rare users of the roads it takes.

Without fear

Brian is more of the go-getter type because, for example, he covered 1,600 km in two days without mechanical problems. So far, the Ferrari has just experienced an alternator belt problem proving that its reliability is not as bad as one might imagine.

Obviously, the stony roads create some parasitic noises in the passenger compartment but these disappear as soon as the asphalt reappears. In some places Brian is forced to drive at low speed to consume as little as possible because gas stations are rare! In the end, he made his way to the town of Prudhoe Bay, located above the Arctic Circle, which marks the end of Dalton Road.

An incredible journey for a car that the rare inhabitants of this region are not used to seeing.

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