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1,360 km traveled on hydrogen without recharging!

New world record for the Toyota Mirai! The hydrogen fuel cell wagon beat its own mark with 1,360 km swallowed in a single charge.

Launched in 2015 through Toyota across the globe, the Mirai failed to seduce the crowds. Indeed, few service stations offer hydrogen charging, especially in France. This did not prevent the manufacturer from offering a second generation in 2020, with promises of greater autonomy. And here is the Guiness Book formalized a new autonomy record for a “zero emissions” car. An undoubtedly positive publicity stunt for the democratization of this technology. And by the way for Toyota!

Hydrogen technology, késako?

The Mirai ultimately works the same as a electric car. Except that instead of the battery pack, we find two high pressure tanks containinghydrogen. The electrical current produced feeds the block and you will only need a maximum of 5 minutes to “refuel”. A solution that prevents vehicles from gaining too much weight and is, in perfect logic, less restrictive on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, infrastructure is struggling to develop in Europe. It is a little less the case on the other side of the Atlantic where Toyota sells most of its cars. Recall that the Mirai appeared since 1996 and concentrates half of its sales in California.

845 miles without recharging

It is therefore natural that Toyota chose this state for its world record. The performance took place over two days, the August 23 and 24, 2021 on roads open to traffic, as if nothing had happened. The two pilots as well as the Guiness Book referee, Michael Empric, therefore covered a total of 845.3 miles, or approximately 1 360 km. They left the Toyota Technical Center in Gardena, passed through Santa Monica and Malibu beach to reach San Ysidro in the south.

This record is all the more impressive when you consider that the car was driven on thehighway, in town and in traffic jams. The Mirai also beat its previous result of 1,003 km achieved last June.

It remains to be seen whether this will have a minimum impact on the sales of hydrogen cars …

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