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Reconcile the pleasure of a car trip with that of a boat trip. This is what motivated the German engineer Hans Trippel in the 1960s to design the Amphicar 770, a vehicle at the crossroads of these two worlds. Today, a copy is offered for sale.

Car or boat ? In its day, the Amphicar 770 was both of them ! This unique model of its kind was born from the hand of the German engineer Hans Trippel, who all his life wanted to democratize the amphibious cars for mass production.

In 1936, he offered the concept to German officials with the Trippel SG6 (equipped with an original Adler Trumpf model then Opel Käpitan), which will only be produced in 1000 copies, competing at the time by the Volkswagen floating car.

From prototype to prototype, it will ultimately have to wait for the early 1960s to see his dream democratize: The Amphicar 770 is born.


The many years of development allow its release to present a surprisingly conventional shaped vehicle, like a Ford Anglia to which we would have increased ground clearance and removed the bumpers !

The engine is a four cylinder essence taken from the Triumph Herald, developing 45 horsepower driving the rear wheels or, in the water, a pair propellers located under the rear bumper. Two gear levers take place on one side: one to manage the four ratios of the heat engine, and one second lever engaging forward or backward for the propellers.

Holes and plug system installed in the bodywork allow drain the overflow of water after use.

Opportunity to seize

This copy available for sale via Car & Classic is one of the few 4000 copies produced – by hand – until 1965. The height of luxury, this model has been completely restored. It was previously owned by an American who sold it in 2017.

After 83,000 pounds sterling (99,000 euros) of repairs, it is now auctioned from 37,000 GBP (44,000 euros). The price to pay if you want reconcile car and boat, driving and navigation, routine… and pleasure!

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