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DS 3 Crossback restyled (2022): what we already know!

We won’t say that the DS 3 Crossback is a failure, but we are not far from it. The small urban SUV should logically have been the brand’s bestseller, but far from it. It even flows less than its big brother the DS 7 Crossback.

Suddenly, a accelerated restyling is expected. Launched in 2018, it should be reviewed in 2022. DS will work to correct the flaws of the crossover, hoping that this is enough to restart the machine. A brief overview of the expected changes.

DS 3 Crossback restyled: the look of the DS 4

From its launch, the DS 3 Crossback was rather divisive in terms of look. Plump and tortured shapes, small “shark fin” on the windows, the SUV is not in the ordinary. Even if it means depriving itself of a good part of its customers … For its part, the new cross-sedan DS 4 is much more unanimous.

Logically, the DS 3 Crossback should receive a front panel inspired by the latter. We therefore expect more geometric shapes, with a light signature with double bands which enclose the grille. The headlights should be more tapered and less round. Finally, the famous DS Wings, these chrome inserts on either side of the grille, should be greatly reduced.

At the back, we expect more pronounced shoulders, and very elaborate optics, in any case on the high finishes. In short, a more mature model, and more likely to please everyone.

Inside: the arrival of the DS Smart Touch?

It’s not just outside that the DS 3 Crossback has made a name for itself. The interior layout, made of curious rhombuses taking up the main keys and aerators, was not unanimous. If the level of finish is very satisfactory for an SUV of this standing, it is otherwise with theergonomics. The screen is placed a little out of reach, the buttons are messy, the door handle is too high … In short, to find the way to sales, DS will have to to do the housework.

And here too, the inspiration should come from the DS 4, very attractive inside. Of course, structure requires, DS will not be able to transform everything. However, we logically expect larger screens, both in the center of the cabin and behind the wheel. The DS 3 Crossback could also inherit theDS 4 improved head-up display, which enables navigation information in particular to be displayed in high quality. And, to reverse the trend in ergonomics, why not adapt the famous DS Smart Touch? This small secondary screen allows the driver to quickly access 6 shortcuts on the central screen.

Engines: end of diesel?

If DS should put the package inside and out to make the DS 3 Crossback a sales star, we expect much less under the hood. Indeed, the 1.2 PureTech engines gasoline like 136 hp electric unit have not really seen any developments elsewhere in the Stellantis group. We should therefore find them without much change, except that diesel could well disappear.

Indeed by 2023, restrictions against this engine will be even more draconian. In Paris and its suburbs, diesel will simply be banned from January 1, 2024 ! Logical, therefore, to ignore this engine on the DS 3 Crossback range.

In short, a lot of questions, a few clues. But the answers should fall by the end of next year.

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