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Germany: towards the end of the unlimited Autobahn?

The german autobahn, it is one of the only places in Europe where we can legally roll over 130 km/h with impunity. True fantasy for all the speed lover, they attract all thrill-seekers who have a heavy foot. You just have to see the videos that come out every week on the internet, like this BMW M5 CS which reaches 311 km / h at peak for example!

But more than ever, the Autobahn as we know it is threatened. You just have to see the recent words of Sebastian Vettel, F1 driver emeritus, who advocates the closure of unlimited portions. Ideas shared by German environmentalists who also wish to stop this practice on the German motorway network.

Even Sebastian Vettel is doing it!

Sebastian Vettel, the quadruple world champion of Formula1recently spoke on the subject. He said he was in favor of limiting speeds on l’autobahn, the German motorway network.

During the recent Turkish Grand Prix, the latter said he was in favor of a review of road legislation in his country: “There are accidents in Germany due to the non-speed limit”, said the one who is still a big car lover Ferrari. “And if that can save even a single person from being injured or saving at least one life, I think it’s obvious. […]. It’s also a way to save up to two million tonnes of CO2 in emissions, and it probably makes the roads a bit safer. “

Regarding drivers eager to thrill at the wheel, the F1 driver currently at Aston Martin suggests them to indulge in speed but on closed roads provided for this purpose. “Anyone who wants to go fast should do it in a place where it is safe to do so, which in this case would be a circuit”,

he adds. “Obviously, speed excites me too, otherwise I would have chosen another profession, but I think it makes a lot more sense to do that on a track where you can judge, experiment and test your limits. All without endangering people other than yourself. “

Policies conducive to restriction

If some pilots are in favor of this measure, it is above all a political will. More recently, she is an environmental candidate for the post of Chancellor, Annalena Baerbock, which made public opinion react. In her program, the candidate proposes both an increase in the price of gasoline but also the introduction of a speed limit of 130 km / h on all the highways of German territory.

Several other political figures had already shown themselves in favor of this measure, in particular in the party The green, the environmental party which represents nearly 10% of the votes in the country. In any case, in Germany this debate is still a matter of contention. A theme that has often sparked heated debates, such as two years ago.

If you are a absolute fan of speed, plan a trip to Germany by next year… Before it might be too late!

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