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Opel Astra (2021): aboard the new compact in video!

Revolution for the Opel Astra! The Germanic sedan now resumes the EMP2 platform for the new Peugeot 308, and adopts the brand new style at the Blitz. To go around it in great detail, our journalist Agnès Lasbarrères was able to take a seat aboard the compact sedan. She presents it to you in video right here:

Revolution inside and out!

This sixth generation is the first to adopt the new Opel Vizor, this black mask which includes the headlights and the grille. Gone are also the somewhat rounded lines: by borrowing the platform of the Peugeot 308 and DS 4, it also recovers their long and flat hoods. Here is a look much more statutory ! However, this Astra retains the same dimensions as the old generation, to a few centimeters in height.

Inside, we find the double screen of the last Mokka, but within a more refined presentation. The two screens are 10 inches each. The atmosphere and the materials are therefore a big step forward, and are very serious. In back, legroom is very generous for the category. The trunk, it now opens with the Opel logo, and offers 422 liters of volume.

This new Opel Astra is available from 23 150 €, with a wide choice of engines : gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid, and 100% electric from 2023. First deliveries expected in early 2022.

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