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30,000 jobs threatened by electricity

The switch to electric could destroy tens of thousands of jobs at Volkswagen, according to Herbert Diess, CEO of the group.

The auto industry has been sounding the alarm bells for several months. Switching to electric will cost jobs. In France, the automotive industry evokes the possible destruction of 100,000 jobs by 2035. But recently, Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen group, estimated for his part that 30,000 jobs could disappear within the group.

During an internal meeting of the group, Herbert Diess spoke about the all-electric future of the German champion. According to him, production costs are likely to explode in the coming years, which would threaten one in four jobs within the Volkswagen brand. According to the Handelsblatt, German newspaper which reveals the affair, “a it is possible to cut 30,000 jobs« .

Volkswagen: a big announcement 12 November

Other sources, interviewed by AFP, prefer to temper the statements of Herbert Diess: ” there is no concrete scenario According to a spokesperson. ” Cutting 30,000 jobs is absurd« .

Still, the message is the same as that carried by the rest of the manufacturers: the abandonment of the thermal will be paid at the level of jobs. Before getting there, Volkswagen is preparing for a major reorganization of its historic site in Wolfsburg, as part of a trinity project supposed to compete with Tesla.

The whole of this project will be discussed at a large meeting on November 12, with the announcement ofa large multi-year plan.

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