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a three-wheeled “DMC-12”!

Name of Zeus! This three-wheeled Reliant-based cart is certainly not a luxury, but will make you feel for a moment, in the mythical car from the film Back to the Future.

If you remember (with nostalgia) the golden age of Top Gear UK, with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May at the top of their game, perhaps you remember the Reliant Robin. This three-wheeled british motorcycle unattractive and very hazardous to drive, often mocked in the series. Imagine that a Briton claiming to be the son of John Zachary Delorean had the idea of ​​mixing this cart with a Delorean DMC-12 !

Back to the past

The basic model is, to be exact, a Reliant Rialto, slightly modernized version of the original Robin. This has been prepared to present all the attributes of the Mythical car from the Back to the Future trilogy. She kept her butterfly doors, his three wheels and his silhouette disgracieuse historical, just like its sluggish 850 cc engine.

The poor man’s Delorean

The modifications mainly concern its body, clad with aluminum panels painted in the gray livery Delorean so characteristic (but not in fiberglass either, let’s not exaggerate). The lights have been modernized, the electrified butterfly doors and DMC badges have been embellished here and there.

A Binding in evening dress, skillfully made up in short, of which its creator asks all the same 20,000 books (23,500 €). He says he already has five preparations underway for individuals.

Easy money

Seen the number of Reliant found in UK – the equivalent or almost of our 206 – on the roads (increasingly rare that said) or abandoned in parking lots, in fields or barns, perhaps Ty Delorean has found the parade. the easy and inexpensive way to make money.

Leaves at ride a tricycle, we still prefer to drive a German three-wheeled FIAT 500!

Name of Zeus!

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