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everything about the new sedan!

Launched in 2018, it’s now time for a restyling for the Ford Focus! We take stock of what changes for the compact sedan.

After the new restyled Fiesta, it’s the turn of the Ford Focus to treat yourself to a makeover! Launched in 2018, the compact sedan has a slightly changed look for themodel year 2022, with some technical innovations and a huge central screen inside. We take you around the owner.

At the front, the new Ford Focus restyled takes up the recipe for the revised Fiesta. The hood appears slightly higher, to accommodate a larger grille. The Ford logo is now welcomed in the middle of the latter: until then it was enthroned on the top of the hood. The whole shield is redesigned, and the grille is now very different depending on the versions of the Focus. From the basic finishes to the sporty ST through the Active adventurer. The optics are obviously revised, with a more rectangular look and standard LED lighting. The changes are however less obvious at the rear, with simply redesigned and darker lights.

A spectacular screen!

The most spectacular update is on the inside. No more small central 8-inch screen, the dashboard now accommodates a huge 13.2 inch slab ! This is a first at this level of the market. This new screen is equipped with the latest version of the Ford system, the Sync 4. It now integrates the air conditioning controls, but also Apple Car Play and Android Auto, and could be remotely updated by the manufacturer.

The rest of the cabin remains broadly similar, with some buttons removed on the center console, and new seats on some versions.

Ford Focus restyled: engines and prices

From a technical point of view, themotorization offer does not change : single petrol 1.0 Ecoboost of 100 and 125 hp, two micro-hybrids of 125 and 155 hp, and two 1.5 EcoBlue diesel of 95 or 120 hp. The sporty ST retains its four-cylinder turbocharged 280 hp. The novelty concerns the arrival of a double-clutch automatic transmission 7-speed, called PowerShift, on the two micro-hybrid engines. Finally, the 125 hp micro-hybrid is still available with E85 carburetion.

On the price side, no information yet from Ford. As a reminder, the current version of the Focus starts at 26 100 €. We logically expect a slight increase given the technological update of the compact sedan.

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