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Rental cars: prices explode

With the end of the restrictions linked to the global pandemic, many are starting to travel more and the price of rental cars is rising sharply!

Bad news for all who wish rent a car during the autonomous vacation. The prices are indeed much higher at pre-crisis levels linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The reasons would be the increase in demand, the consequences of health crisis as well as the lack of chips.

A price increase of 40% compared to 2019

According to the German site, the costs are about 40% higher for the October holiday period compared to 2019. According to the study carried out, rental cars in Spain as well as in Italy in particular have become much more expensive, with a network in a delicate position: the supply is far insufficient compared to the demand. Another example, in Germany the increase of 32% is smaller but still significant.

The CEO of Sixt, Alexander Sixt, interviewed for the occasion, also goes in this direction: “ Regardless of the current period of the autumn break, people’s mobility behavior is again approaching the pre-crisis period“, He said. ” Strong demand continues to face a shortage of available rental cars. This is why we are currently seeing an increase in the price level of rental cars in some cases ”.

Sixt also confirms and recognizes that the low supply of vehicles is due to the chip crisis and therefore to the resulting reduction in production capacity. On the other hand, rental car fleets were reduced during the Covid-19 crisis. Sixt, however, has recently made significant purchases and once again expanded its fleet. In the second quarter alone, 70,900 vehicles were introduced.

The new and second-hand market also impacted

With the current shortage of chips affecting the entire automotive market, manufacturers are accumulating delivery delays and several weeks of production stoppages.

When there are fewer cars produced and put on the market, a bottleneck phenomenon occurs. And so the prices go up.

In parallel with the new home market, which is experiencing a significant increase in its selling prices, the price of used cars is also affected. In July and August, Used cars that are 3 years old on average have become about 2.5% more expensive.

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