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Bad start for this Golf R which engages reverse gear

The driver of a Volkswagen Golf R confuses forward and reverse during a race and starts off with his foot to the floor in the wrong direction.

Although officially banned, street racing still takes place and is sometimes even very popular d. But in the absence of supervision, the danger is real with often spectators very (too) close to the cars who run. What’s more, some participants are certainly not necessarily the smartest!

A race almost won in advance!

This is what we can see in this video posted on Reddit where we see a Volkswagen Golf VI R who wants to compete with a BMW 1 Series Coupé. The compact had a priori the advantage over the coupe thanks to its all-wheel drive. However, things did not go exactly as planned for his driver.

As the signal for departure is going to be given, we see the reversing light (on the right) of the Golf come on. When putting the gas on, large flames come out of the double exhaust outlet and she then leaps… back! As the BMW logically disappears from the screen, the Volkswagen fits into the Seat Ibiza who was quietly waiting behind.

Considerable damage… on the Ibiza!

Fortunately, the shock did not occur at too high a speed and no injuries were to be deplored. ButThe damage to the Spanish car is significant

. Obviously, the bumper, hood and headlights are fully sunk, as are the front fenders. But more serious still, the engine quickly starts to smoke, which is never a good sign.

While one might expect the person behind the wheel of the Golf R to get out of his car to see the extent of the disaster and come to the aid of the poor unfortunate man behind him, it is not! He decides to cowardly take flight and not to take responsibility for his mistake.

DSG or manual gearbox?

Even if we do not know exactly what happened at the time of departure, we can easily imagine that the Golf R is equipped with the optional DSG gearbox. When switching to Drive, the selector has stopped in the R position (for Return and not Race…).

In the case of a manual unit, it is not impossible that the driver, full of enthusiasm when taking the start and pressing the gear lever knob. He thus bypassed security and was able to engage reverse gear instead of first gear

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